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Ford Transit Custom Tuning

Ford Transit Custom Tuning. Gains 40Bhp - 80Nm A customer brought his 63 plate Ford Transit Custom van to us complaining it was a bit sluggish when pulling away. So after a performance remap we have increase the power by over 30% which has improved its performance beyond belief. Ford Transit Custom ECU. To see…
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Renault Traffic Economy Tuning in Gravesend

Renault Traffic Economy Tuning in Gravesend.  Economy tuning today for one of our fleet customers, this is another one of their vans that has increased performance and will be saving around 15% fuel economy. To see what you vehicles can achieve click the link below. https://www.setremapping.co.uk/contact-us/
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BlueOptimize confirmed as a route to cleaner air.

BlueOptimize confirmed as a route to cleaner air.   Drivers in Gravesham can now officially reduce the emissions from their vehicle thanks to Viezu’s BlueOptimize remapping service, available from S.E.T Remapping, your local approved Viezu Dealer. Independent testing of the BlueOptimize software on a standard 2013 Ford Transit 2.2 tdci to the New European Drive…
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