About Us

SET Remapping cars

We have been involved in the maintenance of cars and light commercial vehicles since 1982, initially tuning engines to maintain reliability and drivability which was necessary before the development of electronic control ignition and fuel systems.

Once mainstream manufacturers started to develop electronic systems for fuel/ignition/ABS/SRS Airbag etc, the need for test equipment and the knowledge to understand how they work, and probably more importantly, how they could be maintained and repaired, has meant continual investment to able to deal with increasingly complex systems we have today.

The natural progression from those dark days of plugs, points and condenser for your car's tune-up, has developed into the ability to remap the vehicle engine ECU to adjust the parameters for fueling and ignition, improving the power and or fuel economy without any physical alterations to the car.  As such we are proud to be an official dealer for VIEZU who are the UK and Europe's leading writers of performance and economy remapping files.

Performance Remapping

We also operate with workshop facilities for servicing and repairs, are qualified Air Conditioning service agents, as well as being able to carry out full diagnostic testing both at the workshop and mobile. see www.startriteenginetuning.co.uk.