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Ford Transit Remapping in Gravesend

Ford Transit Remapping in Gravesend Gains - 10Bhp - 20Nm - +10% Mpg This is the second vehicle we have now tuned for Ben and his company. With his business getting busier and busier and the miles really starting to clock up he decided to come and see us to see how much he can…
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Mercedes Engine Remapping in Kent

Mercedes Engine Remapping in Kent Gains - 30Bhp - 60Nm These new Mercedes A Class look great but the 1.5 diesel engines only give 109Bhp as standard which is a little disappointing for such a sporty looking car. After installing a custom performance remap we managed to increase this by 30Bhp bringing this car to…
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Ford Fiesta Diesel Remapping in Gravesend

Ford Fiesta Diesel Remapping in Gravesend Gains - +8Bhp - +17Nm - +10%Mpg We had this Ford Fiesta Diesel in today for a M.O.T, Service and economy remap. These cars are so reliable it passed its M.O.T with flying colours and all service parts were fitted with no problem at all. Once we had completed the routine maintenance…
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