Renault Performance Remapping in Gravesend

Renault Performance Remapping in Gravesend

Gains - 25Bhp - 55Nm

This Renault Scenic came in to us with the customer wanting to give his car that bit of extra pulling power. He has a 4.2 Litre Jaguar for his main car so every time he had to drive this car he was a little disappointed.

After a custom performance remap we managed to add an extra 25Bhp and 55Nm which brings the car up to 135Bhp with smoother power deliver and sharper throttle response.

Although this car will never drive like his Jaguar it at least now has that bit of extra go that he wanted.


We use a GYS Flash 12V battery stabiliser which is one of the best battery stabilisers on the market.

Renault Performance Remapping in Gravesend

We were able to tune this car via the diagnostics socket using the latest software.

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