Audi A3 Engine Remapping in Gravesend

Audi A3 Engine Remapping in Gravesend

Gains - 40Bhp - 80Nm

This Audi A3 2.0 TDI came in today for its yearly service and a performance upgrade. After completing the routine service we installed another 40Bhp and 80Nm which works out to be over a 23% power increase bringing the total from 167Bhp to 207Bhp.

There are many opinions about remapping and whether or not it is good for your car, the most important thing to consider if you are going to have your car remapped is that it is completed by a responsible company with all of the relevant insurances and guarantees and if so it is perfectly safe. In fact most cars on the market are capable of significant performance increases, however the manufacturers limit the power to allow them to cater to thousands of different driving styles as well as many different climates and fuel quality's.

We simply install new software to your ECU (Engines Computer) that allows your engine to perform to its full potential.

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