Ford Transit Economy Remap in Gravesend

Ford Transit Economy Remap in Gravesend

Gains  +25Bhp +50Nm and Up to +10% Mpg

This van was brought to us by one of our customers who wanted to save some money on their business fuel bills and for us to look at and issue he had with his diesel particulate filter.

Firstly we took a look at the diesel particulate filter (DPF) issues which with some expert diagnostics testing as well of the latest software we managed to correct the fault.

After solving the DPF problems we then went and installed one of our custom written economy remaps which will help the customer save around 10% on his fuel bills.

Ford Transit Economy Remapping in Gravesend

With these particular vans you have to open the ECU up and tune directly to the board. This is why it is extremely important to have your car tuned by experts.

Here is a common DPF warning light that will come up on your dash board.

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