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Peugeot 207 Engine Remapping in Gravesend

Peugeot 207 Engine Remapping in Gravesend Gains 15Bhp - 20Nm Here we have a Peugeot 207cc that came in for some extra power and performance. Although the gains do not seem much we have managed to increase the power by nearly 10%. The customer noticed the difference straight away and was extremely happy with the…
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Ford Focus ST Remapping in Kent

Ford Focus ST Remapping in Kent Gains 50Bhp - 120Nm We had this 2007 Ford Focus ST in today for a performance upgrade. These 2.5 turbo engines are so powerful have so much more to give. So after a performance remap we managed to add another 50Bhp bringing the total to 275Bhp with an added 120Nm which…
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Ford Fiesta Diesel Remapping in Gravesend

Ford Fiesta Diesel Remapping in Gravesend Gains - +8Bhp - +17Nm - +10%Mpg We had this Ford Fiesta Diesel in today for a M.O.T, Service and economy remap. These cars are so reliable it passed its M.O.T with flying colours and all service parts were fitted with no problem at all. Once we had completed the routine maintenance…
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